RigSec Attends Palo Alto Networks China Ignite 2024, Sharing Vision of “Embedding Security into System Design”

2024-01-06, 3 min read time

November 14, 2023 - RigSec Chief Marketing Officer Steven Zhou joined Palo Alto Networks at its China Ignite 2024 annual event, where he participated in a roundtable discussion on cybersecurity risks facing companies amid digital transformation, and how to leverage AI to build secure systems.


Titled “Cybersecurity Challenges in Digital Transformation”, the roundtable was moderated by Jinquan Huang, CEO of Sunwado. Steven joined Zhigang Feng,  General Manager of Palo Alto Networks Greater Bay Area, Liang Li, Head of Security at BGI Genomics, and Huilong Guo, Security Director of Ramaxl, in an in-depth discussion where they shared experiences and insights on cybersecurity issues.



Steven was invited to discuss RigSec's approach to cybersecurity and challenges enterprises face. He shared RigSec's philosophy of embedding security by design and treating it as an integral part of operations. Here are the highlights from Steven’s sharings:


Cybersecurity Challenges in Digital Transformation


  1. What role does cybersecurity play in your industry's digital transformation? How do you incorporate cybersecurity into the company's business operations and management?
    • In digital finance, cybersecurity is no longer merely a technical issue, but a critical factor that directly impacts business operations and fund security.
    • We elevated security to a key management priority throughout the company, beyond just the IT or risk departments.
    • At the same time, we closely tie security initiatives to specific business goals in order to quantify the value of security investments and enable mutually reinforcing progress.


  1. What are the biggest cybersecurity challenges your company faces in digital transformation? How do you address and resolve these challenges?

    • The main challenges are the difficult-to-precisely-grasp compliance and technical risks brought by new technologies and constantly changing business scenarios, as well as the high demands on professional talent and understanding of the regulatory environment.

    • We maintain an understanding of the frontiers through internal training and industry exchange, while emphasizing traditional compliance approaches guide new business development.

    • In addition, internal and external network attacks are also common, and we invest in defense and intelligence capabilities.


  1. In the process of digital transformation, how do you balance cybersecurity and business efficiency? How do you demonstrate and quantify the value of cybersecurity?

    • We first clarify the investment and returns of cybersecurity, then link it to business goals.

    • We adopt a result-oriented management indicator system to truly integrate security into a business component and allow security measures to synchronize adjustment with business decisions through continuous optimization.


The roundtable provided a valuable opportunity for experts to share learnings on current challenges as well as explore future directions for security strategies. As a leader in the fields of security and compliance technologies, RigSec will continue its commitment to providing reliable security and compliance solutions for enterprises, helping them address the increasingly complex and changing cybersecurity environment to ensure business security and sustainability.


About RigSec

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