RigSec CEO Sarah Ye Attends "Web3.0 Global New Infrastructure Forum" to Discuss Web3.0 Compliance Innovation

2024-03-00, 3 min read time

Hong Kong, March 14, 2023 - RigSec CEO Sarah Ye was invited to attend the "Web3.0 Global New Infrastructure Forum", jointly organized by the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Hong Kong, HKU iCube, and SWT.


In recent years, the Hong Kong government has made active commitments to establish Hong Kong as a premier hub for Web3.0 technologies. A major milestone was reached in 2024 when the first ever bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) was approved, demonstrating regulatory progress for the crypto sector. This forum sought to explore how Hong Kong can best leverage emerging technologies to pave the way in the Web3.0 era. In particular, participants discussed mechanisms for guiding continued innovation in a sustainable, secure, and compliant manner.



RigSec CEO Sarah Ye participated in a panel discussion titled "Compliance and Innovative Exploration in the Global Development of Web3.0 New Infrastructure." She shared RigSec's insights and experience in the field of Web3.0 compliance with other industry experts.


"The development of Web3.0 has created tremendous opportunities for businesses and individuals, but it has also brought new compliance and security challenges," said Sarah. "RigSec is committed to providing innovative compliance and security solutions to help digital assets businesses meet regulatory requirements and protect their assets and data in the Web3.0 era."


RigSec's Innovative Solutions in Web3.0 Compliance


RigSec provides comprehensive compliance and security solutions for the Web3.0 ecosystem, including:

  • Digital Assets Custody Solutions:Provide secure and reliable custody servies for digital assets businesses, protecting assets from theft and hacker attacks

  • Regulatory Technology Solutions: Offer RegTech solutions to help businesses automate compliance processes, improving efficiency and accuracy.


RigSec's Commitment to Web3.0 Compliance Innovation


RigSec believes that compliance innovation in Web3.0 is crucial for the long-term success of the industry. The company is committed to working with industry partners to build a compliant, innovative, and secure Web3.0 ecosystem.


"RigSec is dedicated to becoming a leader in the field of Web3.0 compliance and security," said Sarah. "We believe that by providing innovative compliance solutions and collaborating with industry partners, we can jointly ensure the future of Web3.0 is secure, compliant, and sustainable."


About RigSec

Founded in 2018, RigSec is a blockchain RegTech company that provides one-stop, regulatory-compliant self-custody solutions for digital asset service providers such as exchanges, custodians, digital payment service providers, and digital banks. As the industry's first regulatory technology provider, RigSec provides customized solutions that align with the specific needs of each enterprise, enabling them to meet the requirements of different regulatory environments at various stages. 


To discover more about how RigSec supports regulatory compliance and safeguards digital assets, please visit or contact our Business Development Manager, Christina Liu, at [email protected].