RigSec Enables Regulatory-Compliant Digital Asset Custody in Japan Through Partnership with PassPay KK

2023-10-05, 3 min read time

RigSec today announced a partnership with PassPay KK to deploy RigSec's industry-leading digital asset self-custody solution across Japan.

Through the agreement, Tokyo-based PassPay now provides implementation, support and services for RigSec’s regulatory-compliant solution to institutions nationwide. This will empower Japanese digital asset firms to securely and compliantly launch their digital asset service operations.

"Our partnership with PassPay represents a significant step in establishing a strong foundation in the Japanese market," said RigSec CEO Sarah Ye. "Together, we aim to address clients' needs with industry-leading technology and services."

Y. Kitano, President of PassPay KK, commented: "With this new alliance, we are able to offer even higher quality security solutions to our clients. Through collaboration with RigSec, we are committed to further enhancing security and contributing to the development of the industry."

RigSec offers a turnkey self-custody solution incorporating patented financial-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and wallet management systems. This seamlessly supports hot and cold wallet deployment specifically for digital asset businesses seeking compliant operations and growth. The solution is designed to help them meet rigorous regulatory requirements while safeguarding client assets throughout their lifecycle. The company remains committed to innovation that drives trust and growth across the industry.

About PassPay KK
PassPay KK ( is committed to "Passing" the "three barriers" encountered when using crypto assets in everyday life. The three barriers include the divide between the virtual and the real due to volatile crypto prices, international boundaries that limit the borderless nature of crypto assets, and the transitional phase between the present and the future of digitization and cashless trends.

As a solution to these barriers, the company introduced the Japanese Yen stablecoin "JPYW". Moreover, they have developed the "PassPay Wallet" mobile app that manages not only the JPYW but also various crypto assets and NFTs on the blockchain, further pushing for an ecosystem establishment. Going forward, they aim to bridge people and digital life through expanding the use of JPYW and app development.

About RigSec
Founded in 2018, RigSec is a blockchain RegTech company that provides one-stop, regulatory-compliant self-custody solutions for digital asset service providers such as exchanges, custodians, digital payment service providers, and digital banks. As the industry's first regulatory technology provider, RigSec provides customized solutions that align with the specific needs of each enterprise, enabling them to meet the requirements of different regulatory environments at various stages. 

To discover more about how RigSec supports regulatory compliance and safeguards digital assets, please visit or contact our Business Development Manager, Christina Liu, at [email protected].