RigSec CEO Sarah Ye Attends SUSTAINABLE WEB3 SG 2023 Summit, Spotlights Importance of Enhancing Compliance Through Technology

2023-11-01, 2 min read time

RigSec CEO Sarah Ye participated in the SUSTAINABLE WEB3 SG 2023 Summit, where she underscored the importance of compliance for unlocking opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem.


During the roundtable themed “The Web3 Investment Frontier: Trends and Opportunities'', Sarah engaged in insightful conversations alongside industry leaders, including Du Jun, CEO of New Fire Technologies, Jann Jiang from FOMO Pay, and Li Guoquan, Professor of the School of Business at Singapore University of Social Sciences. The focus of the discussions revolved around the future of the industry and the challenges surrounding compliance.


Addressing regulatory hurdles, Sarah Ye highlighted the challenges faced by digital asset service providers in terms of asset custody and management, emphasizing the significance of security and compliance for the development of Web3. She provided an overview of RigSec's self-custody solutions, which employ hardware security modules (HSMs) to safeguard private keys and assets, offering comprehensive security and compliance to enterprises. Sarah stressed that by combining cutting-edge technology with regulatory requirements, RigSec ensures full asset security and compliance protection for their clients.


"For the Web3 industry to maintain trust and thrive, compliance must be a priority from the start," said Sarah. "RigSec is proud to offer solutions empowering our clients with robust protection and adherence to regulations through innovative technology."


The SUSTAINABLE WEB3 SG 2023 Summit, organized jointly by the Singapore University of Social Sciences and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, brought together industry executives, regulators, and academics to discuss emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges within the Web3 industry.


As a trailblazer in the regulatory technology sector, RigSec was delighted to contribute to conversations surrounding industry sustainability and positive transformation. The company remains dedicated to collaborating with developers, investors, and regulators to unlock the full potential of Web3 through trusted and innovative solutions.


About RigSec
Founded in 2018, RigSec is a blockchain RegTech company that provides one-stop, regulatory-compliant self-custody solutions for digital asset service providers such as exchanges, custodians, digital payment service providers, and digital banks. As the industry's first regulatory technology provider, RigSec provides customized solutions that align with the specific needs of each enterprise, enabling them to meet the requirements of different regulatory environments at various stages.


To learn more about how RigSec supports regulatory compliance and safeguards digital assets, please visit or contact our Business Development Manager, Christina Liu, at [email protected].